Where Angels Fear to Dream…
The Living Moment – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

– The Living Moment

The time has come to make a choice,
Common sense requires your voice.

This choice is yours to decide,
Whether to halt this inevitable slide.
Your time is short, the burden great,
to determine all future generation’s fate…

The crisis of humanity can be summed up in a line,
an army needs its generals and we’re running short on time.

As we leap across the great divide,
All around us stormy weather!
It’s where our Angels feared to dream,
And lost on them forever.

But not on us you understand,
We’re living for today.
The revolution is permanent,
There ain’t nothing more — —.

From capitalist dungeons, dark and deep,
we have to make another leap.
How awful if we miss,
for here we are all mankind… overlooking the Abyss.
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