Where Angels Fear to Dream…
FUTURE II – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Socialism – Restoring the Balance

And was it such a crying shame,
Kids still went to school the same?
Education, a burning need
Hungry minds with truth to feed.

The Royals had their benefits stopped
They staged come-back show in town which flopped.
Crash housing programmes, please, and fast.
The homeless found a home at last.
The quality of life was much enhanced
When everyone had an equal chance.
Food, peace and land for all the poor
Planned obsolescence fell through the floor.
Abolish now the private sector
By a Public Health Inspector.
That New World Order now decreed
All things produced for human need.

Weapons of mass destruction
Fired back into the Sun,
With Presidents and Prime Ministers,
strapped on just for fun!
The date was set for fireworks night.
Sighs and screams of sheer delight!

As we began to pull together,
Necessity demanded we sort the weather.
All had a role to play, a job to do,
Arid deserts, forests grew.
Cooled Mighty Oceans by degrees,
Melting icebergs once more began to freeze.

What happened then, to all the dross?
The yes boss, no boss, three bags full boss.
They got buried in a rubbish tip
And no-one gave a toss.

While some did rant and others rail.
The moral of this natural tale,
If a mid-wife’s arms are strong,
A healthy birth won’t take too long.
But if she doesn’t know her stuff
The passage can be very rough.

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