Where Angels Fear to Dream…
Prologue – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Aphrodite and her angels star-hopping through the void,
Enjoying Nature’s wonderland alighted on an asteroid.

“Now we recall”, the angels sang,
Gazing at the stars
“That once we lived upon a world,
We think its name was Mars.”

Our goddess looked down, quite surprised,
Smiles gave way to mirth
“Once upon a world, indeed,
The planet’s name was Earth.

That was the first home that we had
We’ve changed a lot since then
Many years ago that was;
Ten to power of ten.

We called ourselves Humanity;
A fascinating subject.
One of Nature’s near total flops.
We very nearly fluffed it.

Yet there’s no matter without motion,
Nothing’s ever set or cast.
Our true beginning’s, further back,
Way, way back in the past.”

Our angels flapped about a bit;
(It’s what angels tend to do)

“Oh come on, Mum,
Don’t ramble on,
Tell us something new.
We want to know the facts of life
And how it all began.
The nature of the universe
And everything human.

You can tell us in our dreams, Mum
It shouldn’t take a week.
We’d like a history lesson, please,
While we pop off to sleep.”

Our goddess, pausing for a while
Then said: “Oh very well.”
For all exciting stories are
enjoyable to tell.

“I will facts and figures give you all
And write them in the stars
Exactly why we left our Earth,
And, moved house to planet Mars.

Dream cities; floating in the sky,
The night our Sun turned red,
And the day we learnt to fly.

Slow, slow, slow is evolution;
Then – a sudden leap.
You’ll dream a roller coaster nightmare
Wishing you weren’t asleep.

Slow, slow, slow is evolution;
Slow, slow, it goes, then quick.
We haven’t time for seven days;
Three will do the trick.
A hundred billion years will fill your dreams,
Notwithstanding tears and laughter,
The Story of Humanity,
In scenes both fore and after.

Now close your eyes
And go to sleep.
And let’s not hear
Another peep.”

Our angels did start their slumber
Counting stars to help them sleep.
(We lesser mortals do it too
But usually with sheep).

Aphrodite gazed upon them
As loving mothers do,
As our angels entered dreamland
Their Mother took her cue.

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