Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PRESENT VIII – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Capitalism, Terrorism and Environmental Destruction

The milk of human kindness did what they thought was right,
While apocalyptic horsemen rode on through the night.

A thousand terror bombs would but enhance the blight.
It weakened revolution and dimmed its conscious light.
But the source of all the terror
Came from Imperial western states
Where profit is the prime concern
Dream what Mayhem it creates.

The rich got richer,
the poor poorer,
and n’er the twain would meet.
Appalling human waste,
Most still lived on shanty street.

Stalin’s heirs held back the wheel of history
The masses held in check
Once progressive Russia
Now took a backward step.
The laws of all development
Are contradictory yet combined
Once she blazed the trail
Now she lagged behind.

Greedy eyes turned eastwards,
It really was obscene
Iraqi oil then all the rest
A barrel for a bean.

Our Earth was getting brown and warm.
(Soon too hot to dream)
Social opposites must transform.
Before brown could change to green.

A Flash in but a modicum of time.
Since the dawn of civilisation,
Four and a half Billion orbits,
Around our star,
Was still a rough approximation.

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