Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PRESENT VII – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Booms, Wars, Slumps and Revolutions

Delusions of past grandeur in dreams of empires past.
Desperate hands clutching straws! Too late! The die was cast!
Too late to turn the clock back to Victorian empires dead.
For colonial states had learnt to walk
And had turned an angry red!

Leaping out of centuries of hideous exploitation.
“We demand our independence now!”
With cries of execration.
“You steal our mineral wealth
From beneath our very feet
Mouthing pious holy words
Masking your deceit”

For the masses had made many leaps
China, Vietnam, Iran.
A broken jaw and bloody nose
For decrepit Uncle Sam.

And the workers of the western world
Were learning to their cost:
Their leaders all were bosses’ men,
So jobs were being lost.

So Cinderella’s Boom-time Ball was nothing but illusion,
The palace clock was striking twelve amid flurry and confusion.

Riches now to rags, indeed! Whole industries destroyed.
Get back, get back to slavery. Make millions unemployed.

What price a future for the young? With talents unrequited.
Like a brilliant flame extinguished, that had barely been ignited.

Trade wars. World slump. Recession.
And yet there was a-plenty.
Food mountains meant a profit.
So keep the cupboards empty.

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