Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PRESENT VI – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

A Curtain for the East but Darkness in the West

Carve up the world. Divide the globe. This they did at Yalta.
“We’ll stick to our patch in the west
If the reds stay east of Malta!”

And the ‘Reds’ (who’d buried Lenin),
Said: “That suits us to a tee!
Spheres of influence round the globe,
Let capitalism run free!
We’ll just run up a curtain and simply call it iron.
It’ll make you keep the deal! And we’ll acknowledge Zion!”

But the Zionists did to the Arabs
What Hitler did to the Jews
They hid behind the Holocaust
Concealing Racist views.
The super rich would wine and dine
Whilst Auschwitz lived in Palestine
And the gendarme for imperalism
Would remain in occupation
But the Intafada knew no bounds
And would win its liberation.

And the soaring boom, that promised much,
Came down with a bump.
Shades of 1929,
Boom transformed to slump!

Then up again and down again, oh what a bumpy ride.
A world of cut throat competition could not be denied.
But the law of value demands it’s dues,
And not from worthless I.O.U’s.

Their paper chain around the world
(No backing in Fort Knox!)
So debt was death and not rebirth.
The chicken found its roosting-box.

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