Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PRESENT V – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Money Matters… Paper Prosperity

Imperial powers in the west
Now ran to get relief.
The linchpin of the whole caboodle
Was about to come to grief.

The burning question of the hour:
Stop the masses taking power!

So they packed their bags with undue haste
And made for Bretton Woods,
Economists of high repute
And all the other hoods.

They papered over gaping cracks
With brush-strokes brave and bold
And aligned the paper dollar to true value: solid gold!

“If we don’t give them what they want,
They’re sure to start a riot.
Print tons of paper money!
That will keep them quiet!”

Having said their prayers on Sunday.
They then announced to all and sundry:

“Prosperity and Plenty! hear us when we say!
Forget about your cares and woes! .
The Boom is here to stay!”

America grew big and strong.
Great Britain it’s 50 something state.
Once the workshop of the world,
Succumbed now to a lap dogs fate.
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