Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PRESENT IV – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

1945 VE Day England

In 1945 the fight between imperial powers was over.
Flags flying, sirens wailing, all through the straights of Dover.
When workers back to Britain came,
They thought they had the right to reign.

“Were back! we won the bloody war,
We have just one demand.
were sick of being butchered,
So we’re going to take command.”

For the ruling class in Britain,
It was the witching hour.
“We’ll give you anything you want,
but not the seat of power.”

When old Labour got elected,
They immediately defected.
“The boss is absolutely right,
Your demanding the impossible,
It’s completely out of sight.
You do not have the right to reign,
The building of the welfare state,
Will be our central aim.”

And when Priests and Bishops likewise spoke,
All was charity, faith and hope.
“Blessed are the meek and mild,
Don’t rise above your station.
Prepare for Judgement day,
we are the Lord’s creation.
Let us humbly pray upon the floor,
For without Gods intervention,
We would not have won the war.”

Like humbug in a witches brew,
Its affect was truly lethal.

Where heavenly myths parade as truths
It’s ‘opium for the people’.

Back now to the real world,
Massive strike waves now unfurled.

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