World War II and the Death of Trotsky

We’re hanging on by our nails.
If western revolution fails.
Our October we will lose.
The whole world is a battleground:
You cannot pick and choose!
Why half the world’s utopia
Is a political myopia,
A state of never-never
But the revolution’s permanent worldwide
And will continue on forever.”

But this appeal on deaf ears fell.
For millions now: a living hell.
Germany, Britain, Spain, China. Revolutions smashed.
And in mighty backward Russia,
Countless lives, were trashed.

As revolution ebbs away, its counterpart invades.
It was a chapter, black indeed, our race set back decades.
World War II was now ablaze and all for profit’s gain.
Millions paid a bloody price
While bankers drank champagne.

The fruits of human labour,
Was once more devastated.
And while this tragi-comic farce played out,
New weapons were created.

And in sad and sunny Mexico
An ice-cold hand, sent by Joe,
Dealt world revolution, at its most conscious point
A cruel and fateful blow.
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