Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PRESENT I – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

The Russian Revolution

And yet a night as black as pitch sometimes precedes a blazing dawn;
For in mighty backward Russia millions leapt over everyone
And took the power by storm.

Led by a band of warriors, their flags all coloured red,
Trotsky and the Bolsheviks with Lenin at the head.
Who now strode onto centre stage
With such passion and conviction:
“What we have to now resolve is this social contradiction.
So mutiny, not war, we say, turn guns upon your masters!
Down with all imperial war, we’ll take the power for starters.
Arise and smash their institutions!
Arise and make world revolution!
Workers of all lands unite.
Join us in a conscious fight.”

In ten short days that shook the world a giant leap was made.
To all hope of capital investment, they’d finally put paid.
In ten short days that shook the world,
To date man’s finest hour,
They stormed the Winter Palace Gate.
Kerensky ran: they took the power.
Oh glorious October of nineteen seventeen,
Imperialists in the west turned a lighter shade of green.
Traumatised they were but not for long.
“We must invade forthwith!
Smash the revolution if we want to live!”

But was their dominance on a global scale broken now forever?
Had they lost it all for good? Never! Never! Never!

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