Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST XVI – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Food for Thought… Marxist Theory

But this doctrine, Thought to Being,
Is really quite in vain.
From Being then to Thought, of course,
We’d like to state our claim.

Man needs food, clothes, shelter, drink
Before he can philosophise or think
Or take an active, conscious part
In science, religion, politics or art.

So use all knowledge as a weapon
And we’ll all get on just fine
But for those who live in ivory towers
Let’s lay it on the line.

Our philosophy is perception living,
So our starting point must be
A changing world outside Thought
We must begin objectively.”

He then went round the whole damn school
And smashed open windows wide
The naked truth was out at last
And had no wish to cower or hide.
He yelled out to the working crowd
Very, very, very loud:

“No country do you have
No colour and no creed
Break the chains that bind you,
You have to take the lead.

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