Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST XV – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

The Influence of Darwin & Hegel

He was a fan of Darwin,
Whose discoveries were new,
But by starting out to change the world
He took a much, much deeper view.

Majoring in philosophy and maths,
A revolutionary he became.
Embracing all the sciences,
Karl Marx this giant’s name.

He went to school at Hegel’s
Who was often heard to say;
“Day transforming into night,
And A doesn’t equal A.
Most like to call a spade a spade
Yet its blade transforms to rust.
So a spade is also not a spade
Its wooden handle turns to dust.”

“That’s right!” our clever pupil cried
“But it’s not just a product of your head.”
He stood his teacher on his feet
Which turned his ideas red.

“Ideas in man’s head
Are continuously transforming,
But it is the world external
That is doing the performing.

Look, if you say ideas come first,
Then you go back many years
To God in Heaven dreaming up
The stars and Heavenly Spheres.

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