Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST XIII – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

A Big Surge Forward

Nor was our world created
In six or seven days!
By some celestial jobbing-builder
With supernatural ways!

Free Trade emblazoned on their banner
It changed the planet’s face
All forced to fit in with their plans
Or leave the human race.

And while this most revolutionary bourgeois class
Had feudal ties outgrown
They’d given birth to wage-slaves
Seeds of their destruction sown!

Full factories to work machines
From country peasants torn,
Yelling, kicking, screaming,
A working class was born.

Masters gave to wage-slaves
In wages back, part-paid,
Transformation’s yet to come
Funeral pyre, foundations laid.

This wage slave class it organised,
It too would storm the hill
And Cromwell would stand negated
With sword as well as quill.

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