Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST XII – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Discovery and Bourgeoisie

Another Charlie on the throne
But when all’s done and said,
The revolution was complete:
The throne was now a bourgeois seat!
And feudal law was dead.

With Feudal ties in tatters,
For so long had blocked the way.
Capitalism now bounded forth,
Yet wouldn’t last the day.

Oh such a great upheaval
It really did sweep clean
Heralding vast changes
The world had never seen

This planet was their oyster,
They sailed the seven seas
And with God the Father at the helm,
They did just as they pleased.

With both eyes firmly fixed on heaven
And two hands on the loot
And scribed ten simple golden rules
To keep slaves, slaves to boot

And here’s another contradiction:
Fact is far more strange than fiction.

For all their new discoveries
Had disproved old myths with ease
We didn’t yet live upon the moon,
Nor was it made of cheese!

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