Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST XI – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

The English Revolution

A country bumpkin now stepped forth
To speak up for his kind.
“lf you say all kings are divine
You must be deaf and blind!”

“Why God does not just talk to you
He speaks to me as well.
God speaks through all men,
Not just kings! So you can burn in Hell!
You’re naught but frills and foppery,
And full of moral lapses
We cannot make ends meet no more
Because of regal taxes.

We cannot make ends meet no more,
We should be rich, We’re getting poor.
We should be out there making hay
But you are standing in our way.
So we’ll cut your royal head off, king.
By parliament’s decree.”

They could not go on living thus
They were the rising bourgeoisie

Oliver Cromwell, Protestant,
who led this revolution.
The bible was his battering-ram,
that smashed feudal constitution.

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