Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST X – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Feudal turns to Feud

A King sat in his counting-house
Counting out his money.
Outside the rebels arming
They didn’t think it funny.

This King and all his feudal lords
Looked very pale and haughty.
It was a place called Merrie England
In the year of 1640.

“I am the monarch absolute
And you will do as you are told!
I am shepherd, you my sheep,
My docile little fold.
God might be peace and joy and love,
Underneath he’s black as thunder.
Every day he speaks to me –
So you’d better knuckle under!
He orders me: you show respect,
To your monarch king.
You’re naught but filthy rebels
And you have the devil’s ring.

So let’s have no more stuff and nonsense
Go, make for me some money
The queen is in the parlour
Running short of cake and honey
I need to fight the Irish and the Scots rebelling too
So vote me tax in Parliament –
I need more cash from you!”

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