Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST VIII – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

‘Civilisation’… The definition of Capitalism?

What the productive forces had now unleashed
For the paragon of animals
(Which is what we were)
Wonders now would never cease.

For when very early man
Did a surplus produce make,
Some were thrown the crumbs
While others got the cake!

For the tools we had developed
Had transformed the world around us
And social relations for all mankind
Would for ages now confound us.

For as the mode of production
And its means developed contradiction
It found its true expression in
Enormous social friction.

For the Laws of history here clearly state
A surplus produce will create.
Manifold progressions in social strata:
Slave, servant, vassal, Lord and Master.

Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome
Dream how they rise and fall
Noses to the grindstone
Backs against the wall.

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