Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST VII – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Beliefs, Faith and… High Hopes

And with these hand-made, ape-man artefacts
Wrought such changes, day by day.
Our vocabulary increased.
We had to find new words to say.

Now more articulate than cousin fox
Ape was man: a chatterbox!

What all other species
Didn’t need to know or care
We were the only animals
That became more self aware.

In early times our Earth was flat
(It was within our thinking)
Of all the whys and wherefores,
We hadn’t got an inkling.

We had little understanding of Nature or our past
That yellow stone up in the sky, why did it move so fast?

It never tumbled down to Earth
But moved ’round like a flower.
Someone must have put it there.
A supernatural power!

‘The gods, they make the rain fall.
The crops both wilt and grow.
That endless sea, beyond the beach.
They cause its ebb and flow.’

Our dreams at night, reality, and not wild imaginations
But found their substance buried deep in relations
Of a most productive kind.
New knowledge gained in leaps and bounds
While Faith and Hope tag on behind.

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