Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST VI – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

From Sticks to Stones

With arms now free for manual labour
It marked a change in our behaviour.
For now the struggle for survival
Had given birth to the arrival
Of flints and spears and artefactual things
With tools in hand, ideas took wings.

With both feet firmly on the ground
And not the other way around!

For no idea is ever sparked
In clouds of heady isolation.
Life, struggling to live,
Inspires all thoughts – creation.

This relationship ‘twixt hands and labour
Forced the mind to blossom, grow.
For lesser breeds, with fewer needs
Development was slow.

The more we learned of Nature’s Laws
And applied them more correctly,
Diversified both far and wide
As we shall see, directly.

While all life forms use nature,
For essential needs,
We Hominids sort to master it,
Conscious of our deeds.

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