Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST V – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

And the Rise of the Hairy Ape

With nature red in Tooth and Claw
Natural selection, jungle law.

Some had a fairly decent run:
Neanderthals, to name but one.

Dietary, terrestrial,
All environmental changes.
Behold the hairy ape
But still how limited his range is.

For, while scratching on the ground one day
Some monkeys chose a walking stance
And why? To get a better grip of life.
Another leap! Advance Advance!

While moving in an upright gait
Our arms, of course, were free.
Oh, what a great wide world it was.
Goodbye to tail! Goodbye to tree!

It was a hand-to-mouth existence.
But things are never where they’re at.
For the development of fire for our personal use
Would certainly change all that!

Force death back and live much longer.
Become extinct or grow much stronger.
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