Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST IX – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

When the Fighting had to Start

We always hoped to talk it out
Debate it round a table
An agreement enjoyed by all
Whenever we were able.

More often we would fight it out
On the nearest battlefield
For who controlled the purse strings
And who the power would wield.

Catastrophies and leaps,
Each moment past negates, through
Slavery to feudal ties
Then rampaging capitalist states.

For when developing the artefacts for life
Is held back by ancient constitutions,
Up goes the cry: ‘Expropriate!’
And then comes revolution.

And if the underlying forces
Don’t become the ruling class
Then history takes a backward step
And bares its nether parts.

But for the moment let’s look forward
To a time of all progressive change,
Battle lines were clearly drawn
Well within each other’s range.

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