Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST IV – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Day of the Dinosaurs

The Tree of Life, it grew and grew
With branches varied and prolific
No longer primeval brew
Countless transformations new.

From the oceans, dark and deep
Some of us now made a leap.

Broke free at last.
Say goodbye Cretaceous past.

Four and a half billion orbits around our star?
We had done well, we’d travelled far.

Our lineage, about this time,
Was way back in the race
Evidence of a winning streak.
Not a single trace.

Then suddenly a gap appeared!
We moved in while we could.
Jostling to head the pack,
Things were looking good.

For it was a giant asteroid
Killed three-quarters of the Earth.
Us, lucky little shrew-like things
Survived to give large primates birth.

It might have been a dinosaur
To tell this little tale.
A dog, a cat, a mouse,
Cockroach, snail or whale!
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