Where Angels Fear to Dream…
PAST II – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Fiery Waterball

How in heavens did we get here
To play our leading part?
From the unconscious to the conscious,
Life’s story now I’ll start.
Now, many years ago
When our universe was young,
A star roamed through the heavens,
Known, simply, as the Sun.

It had planets whizzing round it
Which held satellites in thrall.
Our Earth was one of many,
A fiery little water ball.

For aeons our world just spun around,
Cooling by the year.
The time a crust would start to form
Was getting very near.

And while it did, around this speck
This quark-like little world,
Methane, nitrogen and water
All at once were hurled.

Through lightning, shine, rain and storm
Amino acids began to form.
Green and slimy we were, I fear.
T’was life that changed the atmosphere.

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