Where Angels Fear to Dream…
Past Epoch – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Once upon a time,
Let’s say, starting from year dot
This universe, our lovely home
Was but a tiny spot.

Then suddenly a giant bang
And everything transcended.
It must be said, right here and now
That Time is open-ended.
For this was not the first time that
Our universe exploded.
It always reached a certain point
Then with lightning speed, imploded.

Crushed once again
For the umpteenth time
Into a tiny atom,
And very, very heavy, and
To help you get the pattern,
To say it weighed a zillion tons
Would be to understate.
This tiny, little microdot
Had such tremendous weight.

And if civilisations flourished then
As they do today,
Oh what a heavy trip they had
That’s all there is to say.

And we are but a tiny part
Of an infinitely larger whole.
If we set out to journey’s end
We’d never reach our goal.

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