Where Angels Fear to Dream…
FUTURE IV – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Communism – Nature’s Solution

Yet, once upon a time
Not so very long ago,
Our arms once scratched our apish heads,
So little did we know.
Our arms once scratched our apish heads,
When we apprehended
Earth, sea and sky combined in line
Our Universe there ended.
The stars up in the heavens
Were specks of silver sand.
The Sun and Moon were coloured orbs
Placed by a supernatural hand.
And before ships sailed around our globe
The world seemed but a ledge,
‘Turn Back! Turn back!’ cried Ignorance
‘Lest we all fall off the edge.’
A few short leaps and now we travel
Without fear or wonder,
Through a swirling vortex in the sky
Its hole as black as thunder.

The more we learn and understand,
The more there is to know:
Stardust is from whence we came
And thoughts are but the afterglow.

The point of life
is life itself
and long may we survive.
Summon all our strength and knowledge now
in order to stay alive.

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