Where Angels Fear to Dream…
FUTURE III – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Communism – A Fairer Future?

To each and all according to his needs
Whilst ability did fantastic deeds.

No longer tied to market forces,
We had the know-how and resources.
No longer prone to any monied trend
We got a much firmer grip of life,
And watched technology ascend.

Say Goodbye, O dark, pre-human past,
Yelling, kicking, screaming
All humankind was truly born at last.

Our population did explode
With such enormous power,
Time for birds to leave the nest
And seeds to spread, grow and flower.

We’d learnt to crawl, we’d learnt to walk,
And when all was done and said:
Farewell, Dark-Age superstitions
We’d all grown taller by a head.

Goethe, Einstein, Mozart
Inspired Bard of verse and prose
Greater gifts than yours, by far,
In more fertile soil now grow.

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