Where Angels Fear to Dream…
Back to the Future – A History of Evolution in Marxist Theory

Our Angels, who’d been slumbering,
Now woke up in a fright.
“Ugh! Enough of nightmare, nether parts,
We need both air and light.”

“Go back to sleep,” Our Goddess cried.
“The hurricane has passed.
It was a bitter struggle
And you haven’t heard the last.

We wouldn’t be long-life mortals
And do the things we do
If we hadn’t done the business
So don’t get in a stew!

But stay awake now, if you must
My story’s just beginning.
For out of wars come revolutions
And. the masses now were winning.

Oh dear! Oh dear! Where was I?
You’ve made me lose my thread
Ah yes! A heart within the body
Would not survive without its conscious head!
(Just one without the other two by now we’d all be dead.) “

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