If you’ve read Where Angels fear to Dream you’ll know that the human element of life is important – here’s a great example of the better side of human nature

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A good news story never goes amiss in this world and on the basis of relevance, this has to be a story worth sharing. It is not my position in the physical, or ethereal, world to decide on the truth of claims by Norway’s Princess Martha that she has psychic powers and can teach people […]

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If reading Where Angels Fear to Dream inspires you (for better or worse!) to share your thoughts, then please add your comment below or send me your views. Some kind and critical comments and thoughts: It was great to take the H.G. Wells/Olaf Stapleton approach of a panoramic history of the universe with humankind in […]

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And the word was ‘Angels’! Where Angels Fear to Dream is a life’s work to bring the history of the Earth and man in particular to you, the reader, in the form of a Marxist Poem in A Simple Tale of Evolution, Wars, Revolutions and The Struggle for Life in General. Please read, enjoy and […]

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