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Credit Crunch – Christmas Gift Idea

Global Credit Crisis! Looking for an excellent Christmas Gift to beat the Credit Crunch?
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There is a man called Wilfrid Downing
Who’d said the future wasn’t bright
He wrote a poem with all his thoughts in
To save the people from their plight

Wilf was right in his future thinking
A Credit Crunch it did arrive!
He holds no grudge with those who doubted
As his book foretold of eventual strife

At London stations you’ll find him standing
Early morning… sun, wind, rain or snow
As commuters pass, all tired and yawning
With a smile and a poem he brings a glow

This Christmas time please read what he’s saying
A story, short, filled with truth and delight
Of how we came to be greedy and selfish
And, what WE can do to put it right!